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Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Prevention & Control Program

Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Prevention & Control Practices (ASP) play an important role in limiting the transmission of antimicrobial-resistant organisms in all health care settings. These practices are key in controlling antimicrobial resistance and achieving an ecological balance between susceptible and resistant microbes in humans.

New forms of antibiotic resistance can cross international boundaries and spread between continents with ease. Many forms of resistance spread with remarkable speed. HCAI is frequently linked with AMR. HCAI may be caused by antibiotic-Sensitive or antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Either type of bacteria can result in severe, and sometimes life threatening, infections, but the risk of a serious outcome can be increase when the infection is caused by an antibiotic-resistant type of bacteria, as there are fewer option available for treatment.

There is increasing emphasis on improving the quality of hospital care to reduce adverse events in hospital, one of which is HCAL as it affects patients, the healthcare service and society. In addition, HCAI results in additional costs too.

The overriding purpose of this symposium is to discuss the threat that antibiotic resistance poses and to encourage immediate action to address the threat.