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Dear Members,

Greetings !

I am gratifying to know that our government is organizing a national symposium on “Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Prevention & Control” program on 23rd January 2016 at Crowne Plaza Kochi, Kerala.

Antibiotics are blessing to human beings since its first discovery in the 1940's, to fight bacteria. Since then, further discoveries have taken place, following painstaking research and clinical trials. But we are still far away from major breakthrough in viral diseases and fungal ailments. The need of the hour is a guarded approach to use of antibiotics to prevent resistance, till new molecules could be evolved. Let us also not forget, no antibiotic is without side effects. It has been our long standing wish to see the evolution of an antibiotic policy for the state and we are glad to bring out a policy for the first time in our country.

I would wholeheartedly support this symposium on Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Prevention & Control program in our state and wish the program all success.

With best wishes,

Gokul G R IAS
State Mission Director
Chairman, ASP Kerala 2016