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Dear Members,

Greetings !

Antibiotic stewardship and hospital infection control are two broad strategies which have been employed globally to contain the problems of resistance and infections. For this to succeed, it is important to bring on board the various stakeholders in hospitals across the country. I wish to congratulate our Department of Health and Family Welfare for organising a national symposium on “Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Control” on 23rd January, 2016. I am really proud to be a part of this unique achievement of our government for the release of State Antibiotic Policy.

As per one recent surveillance study, the antibiotic use has been seen to be high in India with indicating 40 per cent of patients in the community on antibiotics, and an even higher rate of inappropriate use. I hope this programme would empower hospitals and institutions throughout the state to improve antibiotic stewardship and infection control and ultimately contain antimicrobial resistance. Stewardship programmes aim to restrict inappropriate use of antibiotics; optimize selection, dose, route and duration of treatment for best outcomes, minimizing detrimental adverse events, excessive costs and emergence of resistance.

I am indeed glad that this symposium has brought both private and public institutions to a common platform to fight against antibiotic resistance. Also fraternity should share new insights in medicare, find new cures, prevent disease and assist the patients to live longer, healthier, happier and productive lives. I also appeal to all the professional bodies and other hospitals to own this program and implement this program as per the guidelines. I hope that this will become a role model to other states.

I wish the program to be a grand success and an exemplary event for the whole fraternity of medical profession.

Warm regards,

V S Siva Kumar
Health Minister of Kerala
Chief Patron - ASP Kerala 2016